Best and Stylish Children Clothing Under 500 Rupees Available at Baby Bazar in Pakistan

Best and Stylish Children Clothing Under 500 Rupees in Pakistan

Clothing for children is an essential aspect of parenting, as it not only provides comfort and protection but also serves as a means of self-expression. In Pakistan, where the cost of living is relatively low, it is possible to find a variety of clothing options for children within a budget of 500 Pakistani rupees. From traditional outfits such as shalwar kameez and kurtas to western wear like t-shirts and jeans, there are numerous choices available at Baby Bazar for parents looking to dress their children stylishly on a budget. Additionally, with the advent of online shopping and the availability of affordable clothing brands, it is now easier than ever to find high-quality clothing for children without breaking the bank.

Frock Type Winter Dress For New Born Baby Flower Design In Crochet Stuff Pink Color

This lovely frock-style winter dress was created with newborns in mind. Enjoy the delicately woven flower patterns that are soft and warm crochet fabric. This adorable pink dress is the height of cosiness and fashion, ensuring your child stays warm and stylish throughout the winter. With this gorgeous winter dress, you may dress your baby in complete comfort and style.

Frock Type Winter Dress with Cap


A frock  type winter dress with cap for a new born baby in flower design and crochet stuff in purple color can be a delightful addition to your baby girl's winter wardrobe. The frock style adds a touch of elegance to the outfit while the crochet material provides warmth and comfort during the colder months. The purple color adds a touch of sophistication, while the flower design creates a cute and playful look. The cap can also be crocheted to match the dress, completing the winter look while also providing warmth and protection for your baby's head.

Frock Type Winter Dress for New Born Baby



This frock type winter dress for a new born baby in crochet stuff and red color can be a perfect addition to your baby girl's winter wardrobe. The frock style adds a touch of elegance and formality to the outfit while the crochet material provides warmth and comfort during the colder months. The red color adds a pop of vibrancy and energy, making the outfit stands out and catches the eye. The dress can be designed with intricate crochet stitches and patterns, adding a touch of uniqueness and personality to the outfit.

Baby Girl New Dress In Cat Design


This charming Baby Girl New Dress with a cute cat pattern. Your child will be as comfortable as possible wearing this outfit because it was made with love and care. It will win people over with its adorable kitty pattern and cheer up any situation. Put your baby girl in this adorable clothing, and you'll see how happy and adorable she is everywhere she goes.

New Born Baby Boy Dress Fleece


This new born baby boy dress in fleece stuff with a shirt and pajama design featuring a bear pattern with the product code MTPX9855 can be a cozy and cute addition to your little one's wardrobe. The fleece material provides warmth and softness, making it comfortable for your baby to wear. The shirt and pajama design can be a two-piece set, featuring a bear pattern that adds a playful and adorable touch to the outfit. The shirt can have a button-up closure for easy dressing and undressing, while the pajama can have an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit. The bear pattern can be designed with different colors, adding interest and charm to the outfit.

Mid Season Dress in Bee & Panda Printed


This mid-season dress in bee and panda print for new born babies can be an adorable and comfortable addition to your little one's wardrobe. The dress can be designed with a soft and breathable material suitable for a mid-season climate, providing comfort and ease of movement for your baby. The bee and panda print can create a fun and playful look, perfect for a new born baby. The dress can also have snap closures or buttons for easy dressing and undressing, making it convenient for parents.

Half Sleeve Dress For Baby Girl


This adorable half-sleeve dress is ideal for your little girl. This dress seamlessly blends comfort and style since it was carefully and precisely designed. The half sleeves are perfect for hotter days since they let your child move around and play without restriction. Choose from a variety of lovely hues and designs to give her outfit a little extra personality. Make each and every moment special and memorable by dressing your newborn girl in this gorgeous outfit.


In conclusion, there are a variety of kids' dresses available at Baby Bazar under 500 Pakistani rupees that can be both affordable and stylish. From rompers to frock type winter dresses, there are many options for parents to choose from when building their little one's wardrobe. These dresses come in a range of colors, designs, and materials, suitable for different seasons and occasions. Parents can find dresses made from soft and comfortable materials like crochet and local fleece stuff, providing warmth and comfort for their little ones. They can also find dresses with playful patterns and prints, adding a touch of charm and personality to their baby's outfit.

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